California Partnership in the News!

May 28, 2013

Check out our Director Vanessa Aramayo’s quotes in the New York Times. The article ran on the front page in the print edition of the New York Times on May 26th and on on May 25th.

“The governor is attempting to leave a legacy of solving our state budget crisis,” she said. “But he’s doing so on the backs of poor people in the state.”

Also check out another article from a website that focuses on urban development and affordable housing. Next City author Bill Bradley spoke with Vanessa today about California’s human services deficit.

“In terms of being able to make any types of restoration to programs that help pull people out of poverty or help give people an opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty, [Brown] is not interested in restoring any of those programs,” Aramayo said. “We have to remember that the budget is the reflection of the state’s priority. We balanced the budget on the backs of poor people. The governor is adamantly saying no to restoration. He’s basically saying that the 8.7 million people that are currently suffering, 2.2 of which are children living in poverty, are not a priority of the state. He is talking about “responsible budgeting.” If not addressing those needs isn’t irresponsible budgeting, than I don’t know what is.”

The rest of the country is starting to wake up to the fact that Governor Brown is building his legacy on the backs of the poor in California. Vanessa lets the NYT and Next City know that we will continue to make noise and let Governor Brown that his responsible budget is anything but.


For more info or to join us in our mission to help reduce poverty in California contact Jeff Brewer