CAP Members Testify to the Senate Appropriations and Meet with a Champion!

August 13, 2013

California Partnership members testified today to pass AB 271 and eliminate the Maximum Family Grant rule, and the Senators heard us loud and clear. Sen. DeLeon: “So to paraphrase, your saying poverty is very expensive.” Votes will be taken in the next three weeks!

Also yesterday CAP members met with Assemblymember Holly Mitchell. One of our most vocal champions, Assemblymember Mitchell took some time to pose for a picture and chat with CAP members after they testified in support of her bill AB 271. AB 271 aims to end the harsh and draconian Maximum Family Grant rule which punishes babies for being born poor and encourages poor women to be sterilized. Please help us support and build more champions like Holly Mitchell!

If you didn’t already do so yesterday don’t forget to call and voice your support for the bills passing through the Senate Appropriations, AB 271, AB 10, AB 191 and AB 218! Tell Chairman De Leon to support these bills at (916) 651-4022.