Stop Jerry Brown’s Billion Dollar For-Profit Prison Giveaway! Reinvest in California!

August 29, 2013

You must act NOW before Governor Brown can force his billion dollar private prison cash grab through the assembly.

His plan will divert a huge chunk of California’s reserve that should be used to restore the billions of dollars that were cut from services that help fight poverty and help our most vulnerable residents live with dignity.

This is the worst possible way to spend our budget surplus. By sending prisoners to out of state prisons, we are using taxpayer money to rent beds instead of investing in California’s future by reducing and ending poverty. Californians deserve better. We owe it to ourselves, our kids, families, seniors, and people with disabilities to invest in a golden future for us all.

The only way to beat this is to call right now and have your voice heard! So please tell these Assemblymembers and State Senators to pledge their vote against any new money for prison expansion period and tell the governor to reinvest in programs and services that will reduce and end poverty now!

Will you:

Please make a few phone calls to ensure our message is heard! Here is a sample script followed by the phone numbers of our key targets.

Hello my name is _________  and I am calling to let you know that I oppose the Governor and the Assembly’s plan to use surplus dollars that were cut from health and human services programs to expand prisons. Please vote no on SB 105 and look at alternatives to prison expansion and look to reinvest that money in California to reduce and end poverty.

Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell
(916) 319-2054

Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner:
916) 319-2015

Assemblymember Roger Dickinson
(916) 319 - 2007

Senator Darrell Steinberg

Senator Kevin de Leon

Senator Mark Leno


If you can help us make a few more calls we are targeting all Assembly Democrats!  Help us keep the pressure on:

California was on a path to begin restoring the devastating cuts that have been made to families, children, people with disabilities, and seniors. If this goes through, it derails that possibility for years to come.