Governor Schwarzenegger's Harmful 2008-09 Budget Cuts


Checkout the SUMMARIES and the RAW NUMBERS for the cuts to Medi-Cal, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and CalWORKS.


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Governor’s Healthcare Proposal = Forced and Unaffordable Health Insurance, NOT Health CARE

On Thursday October 18th, 2007 members of the California Partnership joined forces with groups from the “Its Our Healthcare” coalition in front of the governor’s office in LA to protest the harmful provisions included in his new healthcare reform proposal.  CAP members performed a skit to highlight how the governor’s proposal for an “individual mandate” will operate like mandatory car insurance that will force Californians to pay for health insurance they cannot afford because of high out-of-pocket costs and deductibles. Pictured below, the skit begins with Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez talking with Senate President pro Tem Don Perata about the governor’s nightmare proposal.  With the backdrop of candles along the sidewalk to illuminate the victim families of poor healthcare, Gov. Schwarzenegger appears with handcuffs and asks a single-mother, a student, and working-adult if they have health insurance. When each reply they cannot afford it, the governor proceeds to arrest all of them mercilessly, including the children! The skit ends with citizens chanting, “No Individual Mandate!”


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 "criminalizing kids"

 "arnold and crew"

"criminalizing adults"