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Civic Engagement

We believe that we can build power by building the levels of community engagement and especially voting, in low-income communities, particularly communities of color.

California Partnership’s Civic Engagement program include the following components:

*as a member of the steering committee of Mobilize the Immigrant Vote-California collaborative, working to increase voting rates and voter education for immigrants;

*Voter education, registration, and get-out-the vote projects during election cycles, through grants to our member organizations;

*List Enhancement—in cooperation with the Center for Community Change’s Voices for Change project, coordinating and upgrading the contact list infrastructure of member organizations and allies;

*Civic Engagement and Health project—making connections between the health issues that affect our communities and getting people more involved in their communities and the political process. This project includes working intensively with communities so far in San Bernadino, Contra Costa, San Diego and Fresno; developing materials in five languages for outreach, and support ranging from media training to message development to developing specific activities such as town hall forums that address these issues.