The California Partnership is a statewide coalition of community based organizations that fights poverty in California. We work together for our common goals by organizing and advocating at the local, state and national levels for the programs and policies that reduce and end poverty.

CA Budget: Summary of Cuts to California Health and Human Services
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Jul 28, 2009

California Budget Passed- Safety Net Gutted!

Senate and Assembly passed a budget deal that guts health and human services programs and destroys California's safety net for children, families,seniors and disabled people. 

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Jul 24, 2009

Californians Deserve More Than An ALL CUTS State Budget! Community Press Conference Tomorrow 7/15 at the Governor's Office

Please join us as we continue to protest an ALL CUTS BUDGET! 

Raise Revenues, Keep our Health and
Human Services, Save Lives!
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Jul 14, 2009

4 Things You Can Do To Respond to the Governorís Scandalous Editorial in the Los Angeles Times and His Outrageous Response to Californiaís Overall Budget Crisis!!!

Click below to read the Governor's LA Times Article!,0,6857410.story?vote47847139=1

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Jul 7, 2009

The Governor is Running California Off a Cliff!!!!

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Press Conference at 3:30 PM.

We need a budget that includes revenues! Not just cuts.

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Jun 30, 2009

Over 1000 march in Los Angeles to Protest the Governor's Budget

CAP members and allies of the Stop the Cuts Coalition fight back against our Governorís attempt to dismantle public social services.

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Jun 24, 2009

Join CAP and our HCAN Partners in a conversation with Congressmem ber Xavier Becerra

Xavier Becerra talks Health Care Reform with Communities of Color in Los Angeles June 29th 3PM at Ramona Hall.

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Jun 24, 2009

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May 6, 2009

Learn More about the Special Election

May 19th Special Election Update


This year faced with a huge budget deficit, California legislators had no easy choices.  They rushed through a secret backroom deal that included giant service cuts, borrowing, and some new taxes. As part of this compromise they put six initiatives on the ballot for a special May19th election that could limit public spending and lock in service cuts to low income Californians for years to come. Fortunately some of the key decisions have been left to voters.


Click below to learn more. 

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Apr 20, 2009

Two Things You Can Do to Stop the Trigger Cuts!
Two Things You Can Do to Stop the Trigger Cuts!

Background: The State budget enacted Feb. 20, 2009 requires the State Treasurer and Director of Finance to determine by April 1, 2009 whether California will receive at least $10 billion from the $789 billion federal economic stimulus package to avoid cuts to health, soical services and education. The Governor's Department of Finance has stated that California will not receive enough money from the federal government to avoid more cuts to vital social services.  But California is not opting to take advantage of all the money available, including money for higher education. 

      The cuts that would be triggered include:


Medi-Cal: Eliminate many services for adults, including dental care, podiatry, audiology and speech therapy and psychological services. 

CalWORKS:Reduce grants by 4%, or about $30 per family per month.

SSI/SSP: Reduce grants by 2.3% or about $30 a month.

In Home Supportive Services (IHSS): Cap the state share of wages at $9.50 per hour (it is currently $11.50 per hour).

Higher Education:  $100 million in cuts


TwoThings You Can Do TODAY to Stop the Trigger Cuts:

1.  Call the Governor and tell him to stop the trigger cuts and not leave federal money on the table.

Sacramento:     Phone: 916-445-2841   

Fax: 916-558-3160

Los Angeles:    Phone: 213-897-0322   

Fax: 213-897-031

Inland Empire: Phone: 951-680-6860   

Fax: 951-680-6863

San Diego:        Phone: 619-525-4641   

Fax: 619-525-4640

Central Valley: Phone: 559-445-5295   

 Fax: 559-445-5328

San Francisco: Phone: 415-703-2218         

Fax: 415-703-2803


2.  E-Mail the State Treasurer, Bill Lockyer

The State Treasurer has a website where the public can comment on the trigger cuts.  

Here's our chance - e-mail the Treasurer today to stop the trigger cuts:

[email protected]




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Mar 18, 2009

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