Welfare and Childcare
Welfare, Healthcare, and Childcare

The California Partnership began as a coalition to address TANF (federal welfare “reform”) reauthorization, and our focus is therefore on the issues that affect lowest income families, specifically welfare, healthcare, and childcare programs.

We focus our work primarily at the state, and occasionally federal, level, through budget and legislative advocacy and organizing.

We continue to work actively on TANF reauthorization.

In 2004, we were co-sponsors of SB1639, the “Education Works” bill, authored by Senator Richard Alarcón.  The bill strove to expand educational opportunities, from vocational to higher education, for low-income parents and foster youth in California.  It was signed by the Governor after much revision.  Final accomplishments of the bill included increasing access to ESL classes at community colleges for students on CalWORKS, expanding vocational and educational opportunities for parents on CalWORKS, and laying the groundwork for additional educational opportunities for low-income families in the future.

Please see the “state and federal budget” for current budget priorities, and “legislation we support” for legislation we are currently working on.

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