2015 2016 San Bernardino County Capital Improvement Program Budjet

Services and Supplies 31,749
Contributions to Non-Owned Projects Land 2,200,000
Improvements to Land 15,505,687
Salaries and Benefits Transfers Out 181,672,636
Structures and Improvements 5,000
Fixed Assets Transfers Out 784,621

Capital Improvement Program has requirements of $183.1 million and is used to account for funding resources designated for the acquisition or construction of major capital facilities. The net reduction is primarily due to a decrease in budgeted expenditures for 2015-16 on the 800Mhz upgrade project, Sheriff’s Crime Lab expansion, and County Buildings Acquisition and Retrofit project as compared to 2014-15. Further detail on major capital projects for 2015-16 are shown in the Capital Improvement Program section of this budget summary.