2015 2016 San Bernardino County Law and Justice Budjet

Sheriff/Coroner/Public Administrator $576.5 million
Operations budget $224.4 million
Detention facilities $190.5 million
law enforcement services to 14 county cities $135.3 million
Probation Department $185.2 million
District Attorney’s Office $84.0 million
County and the Public Defender $38.3 million

Law and Justice has requirements of $930.3 million and provides public safety services to County residents. The Sheriff/Coroner/Public Administrator (total - $576.5 million) provides law enforcement services for the unincorporated areas of the County and certain services on a countywide basis through its Operations budget unit ($224.4 million). Another primary function of the Department is to provide Detention facilities ($190.5 million) for all of the County pre-sentenced inmates as well as sentenced inmates no longer required to go to State prison as a result of the realignment by the State of adult offenders (2011 Realignment). The Department also provides law enforcement services to 14 county cities through contractual agreements ($135.3 million). The Probation Department ($185.2 million) provides supervision of adult and juvenile probationers throughout the County as well as for recently realigned State parolees (2011 Realignment). The District Attorney’s Office ($84.0 million) is responsible for prosecuting crimes committed within the County and the Public Defender ($38.3 million) provides legal counsel for indigent defendants within the County.