2016 San Bernardino County Administration Budjet

Administration $291.5 million
Board of Supervisors $7.7 million
County Administrative Office $4.9 million
County Counsel $8.5 million
Human Resources $18.9 million
Information Services Department $79.8 million
Department of Risk Management $106.1 million

Administration has requirements of $291.5 million and contains County departments and functions that provide
leadership and support to departments that provide direct public services to County residents. The leadership
section of this operational group includes the Board of Supervisors ($7.7 million), which is the governing body of
County government, and the County Administrative Office ($4.9 million), which directs and coordinates
departmental activities according to the law and strategic goals set by the Board of Supervisors. Various support
functions include civil legal services provided by County Counsel ($8.5 million), employment and employee
related services provided by Human Resources ($18.9 million), and information technology support provided by
the Information Services Department ($79.8 million). The largest department in the Administration operational
group is the Department of Risk Management, which has requirements of $106.1 million and administers the
County self-insured workers’ compensation, public liability, property conservation, safety and risk reduction
programs as well as its insured programs.