2016 San Bernardino County Human Services Budjet

Department of Behavioral Health $419.7 million
Public Health $113.5 million
Human Services Administrative Claim $545.0 million
Human Service Subsistence Payments $544.0 million
Wraparound Reinvestment Fund $13.2 million
Preschool Services Department $50.2 million
Child Support Services Department $40.0 million
Aging and Adult Services Department $9.4 million

Human Services is the largest operational group within the County with requirements totaling $1.9 billion. This group provides health and social service programs to County residents through a number of County departments. Health services are provided primarily through the Department of Behavioral Health ($419.7 million) and Public Health ($113.5 million). Social services are provided primarily through Human Services ($1.1 billion) including the Human Services Administrative Claim budget unit ($545.0 million), the Human Service Subsistence Payments budget units ($544.0 million) and the Wraparound Reinvestment Fund budget unit ($13.2 million). Additional social services are provided by the Preschool Services Department ($50.2 million), Child Support Services Department ($40.0 million), and the Aging and Adult Services Department ($9.4 million).