State Budget Advocacy

Across California, the California Partnership organizes grassroots community and service organizations whose clients and members are directly affected by spending decisions in the California State Budget. As our platform asserts, it is CAP’s goal to
“Promote a budget that reflects the values and needs of all Californians, and restores the state and federal government’s human infrastructure needs.”

CAP member organizations fight for a fair budget because the low-income communities they serve are directly affected by the state budget, from limits in financial aid for college students to the elimination of dental treatment for seniors on Medi-cal, from paycuts for service workers assisting the disabled to threats to funding for child care and food assistance. In some areas where CAP members are organizing, up to 17% of the population is unemployed. Thirty percent of the population does not have health insurance.

For many years, low-income Californians have borne the brunt of politicians’ decisions to balance the budget through cuts to critical programs while refusing to consider new revenue sources. Progressive leaders have been forced to make budget cuts  and grant tax breaks they did not agree with, because our state constitution requires a super majority rather than a simple majority of legislators to decide the budget.

CAP organizes to bring the voices of low-income individuals and families directly to the halls of the State Capitol. Members provide testimony at budget hearings, prepare speakers for the media and  organize press events,  engage in creative actions to demonstrate against unpopular government decisions, and mobilize community members to take part in the democratic process by signing petitions, phoning legislators,  and writing letters.

Last year, CAP members made more than 50 legislative visits and conducted more than 20 actions that helped save critical programs such as CalWORKS, child care, and economic support for immigrants.


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