Budget Cuts Storybank


When I heard that education was the long road to success, I didn't know I
would have to take this metaphor literally. Having to commute on the bus
six hours each weekday is the sacrifice I take to get my degree.  My name
is Danny Santana-Hernandez. A long three hours describes my journey from
the city of Lynwood in Southeast Los Angeles to California State University
Northridge in the San Fernando Valley. It takes me two Metro trains, the
subway, and two buses to get to CSUN. On top of this I face the stress of
rising costs of tuition and student housing, less classes being offered, and
the overall lacking in quality education of our Cal State University system.

The budget crisis has left me in a dilemma in the way I choose to get my
degree. I am able to tolerate the long commute except for the inconvenient
truth that the bus or Metro is not always the best place to study for three
hours. Student housing ridiculously costs over six hundred dollars a month,
a cost that not even my financial aid can cover. My dilemma is the fact that
if were to live on or off campus, I will face the burden of helping to pay both
my housing costs along with the rent back home. Like many working families,
I am also haunted by the fact that my family, with a single mother, has trouble
paying for the rent. Working two part-time jobs is also adding to my burden.
The lack of study time makes me hesitantto take anything more than twelve
units per semester. Furthermore, it is evident I am not graduating in four
years due to the fact I have been unable to get many of my required courses
because they have either been cut or are overcrowded. If I am lucky I may
perhaps graduate in five years.

By Danny Santana