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This is an Outrage

California is in a crisis. Nearly 9 million people in the state are living in poverty and millions more must claw and scrape each day to avoid falling into the … Read More >

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Governor Brown’s Budget “Fiscally and Morally Irresponsible”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: ­­ Jeff Brewer, California Partnership, 213-700-6276 Families, Seniors, People with Disabilities and Advocates Call Governor Brown’s Revised Budget “Fiscally and Morally Irresponsible” LOS ANGELES, CA- On … Read More >

California Needs a Sunny Day Fund

During the last five years of budget cuts and austerity measures, the number of California families in poverty has spiraled upward–increasing seven times faster than the rest of the nation. … Read More >

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Building a Road out of Poverty by Putting People First in California’s Budget

California’s families continue to struggle from years of drastic state budget cuts. After more than $15 billion in cumulative cuts to health and human services since 2008, our social safety … Read More >

We believe that electoral organizing is one of the important tools low-income communities have to build power and work for social and economic justice. That’s why we foster civic engagement among our member organizations every year and year-round, not just during election season.
While millions of low-income Californians have trouble finding work, putting food on the table and accessing health care, relatively few are currently engaged in efforts to reform the system. As a result, policies too often are made without meaningful consultation with the people it will affect.  By exercising our power at the ballot box, we can create a more just California for all of us.
California Partnership provides resources, capacity building and leadership training to help groups connect electoral organizing to their ongoing work for social justice.

We are on the steering committee of Mobilize the Immigrant Vote

We also serve on the steering committee of Reclaim California’s Future

If you are not registered to vote, or if you have moved or changed your name, please visit the California Secretary of State’s website today!