2016 Riverside County Budget

The discretionary general fund portion of the FY 15/16 budget includes $785.9 million in general fund net cost allocations.

Sheriff, Fire, and Probation were among the departments that received increases in their Net County Cost (NCC) allocations for FY 15/16. Most of the increase are in public protection, which comprises 67.7 percent of the discretionary budget with a total of $504.7 million. Of this, the Sheriff’s Department received $248.2 million. The District Attorney’s Office received $57.4 million. The Fire Department, which also receives structural fire tax revenue, received $52.6 million.

General Government $101,000,000
Public Protection $504,700,000
Health & Sanitation $99,500,000
Public Assistance $43,000,000
Education, Recreation & Culture $700,000
Debt Service and Contingency $36,800,000

Riverside County Summary

The county is spending $248.2 million on Sherrif’s and the other $99.5 million on Health and Human Services. We desire that Riverside County reallocates a greater portion of the county’s budget towards Health and Human Services. We want the county to designate and identify culturally competent service providers outside of the correction system and focusing on the wellbeing and health of our residences through intervention, preventive approaches, restorative justice and healthy human services. We believe every human being should be treated with dignity and respect. We seek to maintain adequate reserves for health and human services by minimize on-going operations that hinder the state budget.

As California Partnership we will strive to work for a more progressive state and county budgets by advocating at the county and state level. We believe that each county should be reflective of the communities needs. We identify budget priorities with our partner organizations which work to improve health and human services.