2016 San Bernardino County Budget

Administration $291,462,469
Capital Facilities Leases $12,940,810
Economic Development Agency $91,323,492
Fiscal $78,243,609
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center $529,808,838
Human Services $1,896,338,489
Law and Justice $930,293,104
Operations and Community Services $405,372,538
Capital Improvement Program $183,148,204
Other Funding $314,155,802

County General Fund operations of $2.9 billion are funded with four major types of sources: countywide
discretionary revenue ($827.5 million), Proposition 172 revenue ($164.8 million), 1991 and 2011 Realignment
revenues ($669.1 million), and departmental revenue ($1.2 billion).

San Bernardino County Summary

We desire that San Bernardino County invest a greater portion of the county’s budget towards health and human services for fiscal year 2017 and beyond. Designating and identifying culturally competent health care service providers within the communities, outside of the correctional system and punitive justice construct, will improve the conditions of our communities. We need to focus on the wellbeing and health of our residence through preventive and interventional approaches through healthy human services and restorative justice instead of using police to administer social services. California Partnership believes every human being should be treated with dignity and respected and we will continue to champion policies and demand transparency, accountability and proper implementation, at state and county levels until the budgets reflective our communities unique needs to create a better quality of life for the people. Through the formation of impactful policies, identifying budget priorities with our coalition of organizations we work to create policies which improve the lives of the people in communities and state.