CAP Priorities


California Partnership Platform for 2009:

Promote a budget that reflects the values and needs of all Californians, and restores the state and federal government's human infrastructure needs.
1. Maintain and increase funding in the state and federal budget in the areas of welfare, healthcare and childcare.
2. Advocate for parent-friendly policies in the state implementation of  the federal welfare changes, including seeking policies to increase access to educational and employment opportunities.
3. Advocate for a budget process that allows our state to raise the revenue for programs and services our communities need.

Promote a proactive agenda to provide quality, affordable health care for everyone.
1. Advocate at the state and federal level for health care reform that guarantees that we all have access to affordable, quality health care.
2. Work to ensure equity in health care access, treatment, research and resources to people and communities of color, resulting in the elimination of racial disparities in health outcomes and real improvement in health and life expectancy for all.

Protect the right of all no-income and low-income Californians to healthy and affordable housing, transportation, food security, workplace protections, educational and income equity and humane immigration policies.

Support members' campaigns in the areas mentioned above.

Support members' efforts to build power in low-income communities.
1. Encourage member organizations to engage in movement-building voter education and mobilization campaigns.
2. Facilitate effective coordinated actions at the local, state and national level.
3. Provide trainings, educational tools and technical assistance to build the capacity of member organizations.

The following principles help to guide CAP's work:
Recognizing the importance of tax fairness, civic engagement, racial equity and leadership development in accomplishing our priorities, CAP highlights these activities in all the work we do.