2016 Riverside County Budget

The discretionary general fund portion of the FY 15/16 budget includes $785.9 million in general fund net cost allocations.

Sheriff, Fire, and Probation were among the departments that received increases in their NCC allocations for FY 15/16. Most of the increase are in public protection, which comprises 67.7 percent of the discretionary budget with a total of $504.7 million. Of this, the Sheriff’s Department received $248.2 million. The District Attorney’s Office received $57.4 million. The Fire Department, which also receives structural fire tax revenue, received $52.6 million.

General Government $101,000,000
Public Protection $504,700,000
Health & Sanitation $99,500,000
Public Assistance $43,000,000
Education, Recreation & Culture $700,000
Debt Service and Contingency $36,800,000