2016 - 17 California Budget

The enacted fiscal year positions and expenditures for each agency area are also broken down. These totals are comprised of State funds which include General Fund, special funds, and selected bond funds. These totals do not include federal funds, other non-governmental funds, or reimbursements.

Budget Category Details:
Dollars in thousands

K thru 12 Education: $51,492,956
Higher Education: $14,862,085
Health and Human Services: $53,828,602
Corrections and Rehabilitation: $13,271,740
Transportation: $10,891,920
Natural Resources: $5,116,932
Environmental Protection: $3,197,081
Business, Consumer Services, Housing: $2,143,777
Labor and Workforce Development: $887,499
Government Operations: $1,000,307
General Government: $7,190,777
Legislative, Judicial, and Executive: $6,979,171

Please let CAP know what you feel the state and counties budgets' should prioritize

Coachella Vally (Riverside County)
Fresno County
Kern County
L.A. County
Riverside County
San Bernardino County