CA 2016 - 17 Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Budget

The Legislative, Judicial, and Executive section of the Governor's Budget are either established as independent entities under the California Constitution, or are departments with a recognized need to operate outside of the administrative oversight and control of an agency secretary. Constitutionally-established bodies include the Legislature, Judicial Branch, Governor's Office, and constitutional officers. This section also includes such independent entities as the Inspector General and the California State Lottery.

Senate $128,779,000
Assembly $169,683,000
Legislators' Retirement Sys Contribution $7,925,000
Legislative Counsel Bureau $97,619,000
Judicial Branch $4,064,137,000
Commission on Judicial Performance $4,719,000
Judges Retirement System Contributions $490,227,000
Governors Office $14,479,000
Governors Office of Bus, Econ Developm $26,729,000
Office of the Inspector General $21,977,000
Office of Planning and Research $446,281,000
Office of Emergency Services $1,520,348,000
Office of the Lieutenant Governor $1,397,000
Department of Justice $833,326,000
State Controller $204,748,000
Department of Insurance $275,040,000
Gambling Control Commission $103,116,000
State Board of Equalization $616,856,000
Secretary of State $152,316,000
Citizens Redistricting Initiative $90,000
State Treasurer $39,161,000
Debt Investment Advisory Commission $3,506,000
Debt Limit Allocation Committee $1,561,000
Industrial Dvlmt Financing Advisory Comm $40,000
Tax Credit Allocation Committee $8,387,000
Alt Energy, Advanced Trans Fin Auth $6,165,000
Pollution Control Financing Authority $32,696,000
Health Facilities Financing Authority $226,458,000
California ABLE Act Board $850,000
Secure Choice Retirement Svngs Invst Brd $2,100,000
School Finance Authority $146,774,000
Educational Facilities Authority $1,168,000
General Obligation Bonds-LJE $12,096,000