California Partnership’s Summary of Programs and Services

Some of the specific programs California Partnership works on are Covered CA, and Medi-cal at the state level. With our local chapters we work on county policies to improve access to My Health LA, Riverside county’s Medically Indigent Services Program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and the State Supplementary Payment (SSP) programs. CAP is co-leading the CA4SSI coalition and are part of the LA Health4All coalition and The Prevention Action Team in Coachella.

CAP is also focused on budget advocacy efforts to increase funding, expand eligibility and the quality of services at the state and county level. We also conduct budget presentations, trainings on county and state systems in a community friendly way. We translate state and county budgets and explain how they function. California Partnership works with our member organizations to help them build capacity, develop their movement building and refine our partners’ shared visions and goals. This leads to state and localized cross section and intersectional work within our chapters across the state of California.

CAP does Movement Building, train the trainer sessions, SCOPE’s Power Analysis Map sessions and on-going power analysis map exercises. Our objective is to identifying state and local problems and identify lead targets (systems/decision makers) that can create solutions. We work on health and human services, criminal justice and immigrant rights advocacy, equitable access to programs and issues related to poverty.