Corrections and Rehabilitation

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is organized into the following programs:
1) Corrections and Rehabilitation Administration;
2) Peace Officer Selection and Employee Development;
3) Juvenile Operations and Offender Programs-Academic and Vocational Education and Health Care Services;
4) Adult Corrections and Rehabilitation Operations-Security, Inmate Support, Contracted Facilities, and Institution Administration;
5) Adult Parole Operations-Supervision, Community Based Programs, and Administration;
6) Board of Parole Hearings-Adult Hearings and Administration;
7) Rehabilitative Programs-Adult Education, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Reentry Services, Inmate Activities, and Administration; and,
8) Adult Health Care Services.

Corrections and Rehabilitation $11,035,291,000
Board of State and Community Corrections $767,730,000
Enhancing Law Enforcement Activities $489,900,000
Trial Court Security 2011 Realignment $557,482,000
Local Community Corrections $1,294,632,000
Dist Attorney and Public Defender Svcs $36,816,000
Juvenile Justice Programs $159,858,000
Enhancing Law Enforcement Act Growth $134,316,000
General Obligation Bonds-DCR $18,911,000