Health and Human Services

Health and human services programs provide essential medical, dental, mental health services and social services to many of California's most vulnerable residents. These programs provide access to critical services to millions of Californians. They promote health, well-being, and the ability to function in society. The mission of the Health and Human Services Agency includes recognizing children as a priority, promoting personal responsibility for services, and enhancing program effectiveness and accountability.

Health, Human Services Agency, Secy $403,760,000
State Council-Developmental Disabilities $11,489,000
Emergency Medical Services Authority $36,147,000
Statewide Health Planning, Development $198,993,000
Department of Managed Health Care $78,207,000
Department of Aging $204,575,000
Commission on Aging $508,000
California Senior Legislature $820,000
Children and Families Commission $412,225,000
Department of Health Care Services $92,985,019,000
Department of Public Health $3,004,717,000
Department of Developmental Services $6,652,816,000
Department of State Hospitals $1,845,522,000
Mental Hlth Svcs Ovrst and Acntblty Comm $70,658,000
Dept of Community Services, Development $259,912,000
California Health Benefit Exchange $320,925,000
Department of Rehabilitation $445,117,000
State Independent Living Council $604,000
Department of Child Support Services 1,004,714,000
Department of Social Services 24,575,087,000
State-Local Realignment 5,399,959,000
State-Local Realignment, 2011 4,850,952,000
General Obligation Bonds-HHS 145,511,000