CA 2016 - 17 General Government Budget

The General Government Section includes departments, commissions and offices responsible for oversight of distinct policy areas, such as ensuring peace officer competence, reasonable public utility rates, food and agricultural issues, and services to veterans, that are not easily consolidated into other oversight areas. Additionally, this Section includes issues that are statewide in nature such as lease/revenue issues, bonds, and local government issues.

Peace Officer Standards, Training Comm $63,813,000
State Public Defender 12,667,000
Arts Council 24,948,000
Historic State Capitol Commission 1,000
Citizens Compensation Commission 10,000
State Compensation Insurance Fund 2,560,369,000
Department of Food and Agriculture 414,527,000
Fair Political Practices Commission 11,932,000
Political Reform Act of 1974 2,688,000
Public Utilities Commission 1,680,717,000
Milton Marks Little Hoover Commission 1,013,000
CA Commission on Disability Access 639,000
Comm on the Status of Women and Girls 886,000
Law Revision Commission 872,000
California State Auditor's Office 33,194,000
Department of Finance 75,838,000
Financial Information System for CA 135,142,000
Commission on State Mandates 50,645,000
Military Department 212,469,000
Department of Veterans Affairs 469,238,000
General Obligation Bonds-Gen Govt 15,795,000
Tax Relief 427,801,000
Local Government Financing 31,708,000
Trial Court Security-Court Construction 7,000,000
Payment to Counties for Homicide Trials 1,000
Shared Revenues 1,414,512,000
Enhanced Tobacco Asset-Backed Bonds 1,000
Cash Management and Budgetary Loans 56,274,000
Interest Payments to the Federal Govt 4,002,000
Health, Dental Benefits for Annuitants 1,658,956,000
Augmentation for Employee Compensation 582,405,000
Contracts Impacted by Minimum Wage 2,500,000
Contingencies-Emergencies Augmentation 50,000,000
Capital Outlay Planning, Studies 1,000,000
Section 3.60 Rate Adjustments 452,835,000
PERS General Fund Deferral Payment 570,355,000
Various Departments 1,289,957,000