Higher Education

Higher Education funds the three publicly funded higher education systems, the California Community Colleges, the California State University, the University of California and the Student Aid Commission, which provides financial assistance for needy students.

University of California $29,827,769,000
Institute for Regenerative Medicine $233,718,000
Hastings College of the Law $92,981,000
California State University $9,357,352,000
CSU Health Benefits, Retired Annuitants $276,096,000
Board of Governors of Community Colleges $9,119,485,000
General Obligation Bonds-Hi Ed-CC $314,054,000
Retirement Costs-Hi Ed-CC $191,665,000
Awards for Innovation in Higher Ed $25,000,000
Student Aid Commission $2,133,181,000
General Obligation Bonds-Hi Ed $275,872,000